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Origin Optical Illusion

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Find out the origin point of these shapes.Concentrate and find out if they are originating from the same origin point

triquetra optical illusions

Created by Jennifer

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Rocket Launching Optical Illusion

Comments (13)

This image is again an example of moving illusion in which the whole picture is still but it gives an impression that the rocket is moving in upward direction

rocket launching optical illusions

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Reaction Optical Illusion

Comments (6)

This is the illusion which can cause harm to your eyes if you look continuously .Try looking at it for 45 sec and then see the wall you will see some radiations of this kind coming out of your wall too

This is actually not true in all cases.Just because some people see what they perceive,it has been stated here

reaction optical illusions

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Poles Optical Illusion

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See these pole line and try figuring it out that whether the two horizontal lines are equal or not.Most of the people on the first try say they are not equal but when seen carefully you can see that they are actually of same length

poles optical illusions

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Plasma Optical Illusion

Comments (30)

What do you see in this optical illusion? Different people tend to see different things in this illusion

plasma optical illusions

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Pin Wheel Optical Illusion

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Concentrate on the center point of the circle and you will see that it starts moving as well as expanding.Actually it the lines are the same and are not moving.This is just an illusion to your eyes

pin wheel optical illusions

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Finished Shot Optical Illusion

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See the painting below.The artist has made it so lively that at first instance the person feels like they both are going to fall due to sudden pressure of water

finished shot optical illusions

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Chevron Spin Optical Illusion

Comments (2)

These rings are moving but the total picture is static,This is what we call a moving illusion

Wonder how this is possible..see closely you will see it moving in anticlockwise direction

Chevron Spin Optical Illusion

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Coke Optical Illusion

Comments (22)

Check out the amazing painting on the floor which looks truly realistic. See the work of the artist which gives a look of a true bottle

coke optical illusions

(183 votes, average: 4.75 out of 5)

Boat Optical Illusion

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This is painting or its real ? If real then step carefully..yes its not a real thing,its a painting from an artist which makes these 3dchalk drawings look real

boat optical illusions

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