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Advertisement illusions are created for the purpose of arousing interest and to promote products among people. These types of advertisements create a long term impact in the minds of people. Many techniques are used to stimulate customers to buy the product. But most often optical technique is used.

Coca Cola Floor Graphic Illusions

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CocaCola Floor Graphic Illusions

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Tumbling Rabbit Duck

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(Taken from an unknown advertisement)

3rd illusion from El Therian
Tumbling Rabbit-Duck

This optical illusion was submitted by El Therian.

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Shop Optical Illusion

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They person forgot to bring a trolley so he found a new way to get it..Really some people can do things which others can’t even imagine.

shop rite optical illusions

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Coke Optical Illusion

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Check out the amazing painting on the floor which looks truly realistic. See the work of the artist which gives a look of a true bottle

coke optical illusions

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Karate Illusion

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Never Mess with karate player.The poster is placed at such a location that it looks like the punch has made that crack.

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Duracell Illusion

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The Most powerful battery in this world Duracell.This is actually a painting at the back but it looks so original


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Floor Painting Illusion

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A beautiful 3d art work done by artist.


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Bottle Illusion

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Is that real?? Is that Possible….Think about this illusion..


Actually This is a painting(bottle portion ofcourse)!! check again

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Audi – New Optical Illusions Videos

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Another weird ad featuring optical illusions for Audi.

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Coke Can – New Optical Illusion

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Can anyone see the cut at the bottom?? wonder how much coke can be stored in this can.The Point about this illusion is that it is not a cut it is a design which gives you this kind of feeling

New Optical Illusion

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