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The Motion Aftereffects is an optical visual illusion in which the static images appear to the viewer as in motion after just looking at a moving background. For example if a person stares at a waterfall for a minute and after that he looks at the static rocks just near waterfall. It appears to him as the rocks are slightly moving in an upward direction. This type of motion is also called as the waterfall illusion.

Optic Fiber Wave

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Optic Fiber Wave

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Expanding Illusion

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Does it look like expanding as you move your eyes from one corner to the other.

Expanding Illusion-newopticalillusions

This optical illusion was submitted by Anh Pham.

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Einstein Time Travel

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Feel like moving with them? Just move your eyes from one corner to the other.

EINSTEIN TIME TRAVEL -newopticalillusions

This optical illusion was submitted by Anh Pham.

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Den of Serpents

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These snakes just won’t stop wriggling!
Den of Serpents

This optical illusion was submitted by Mark Grenier.

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Zigzag Way Illusion

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In this illusion, there are two motions:
1. the blue rectangle moves in straight way
2. the background with black and white color rotates in one direction

If you look directly at the blue rectangle, you will perceive it move straight and does not change its color. When you look at the red square, you will perceive it moves in a zigzag way (the direction of the rectangle depends on the current rotation angle of the background) and its color changed brighter when moving in black areas and darker when moving in Grey areas.

The motion of the rectangle and the background create two sources of information.
when we look at the display, we can discern multiple features simultaneously but its quite different when we look at the display peripherally. It is hard for our visual system to analyze sources of information exactly.

The motion of the background is global motion and the motion of the blue rectangle is internal motion. It could be the global motion affects to the internal motion because the global motion has a stronger affection than the internal motion to the peripheral visual system.

There are many illusions only work or work better in peripheral visual system (e.g: lightness illusion, color illusion, contrast illusion, image aftereffect)

In this illusion, the blue rectangle’s color changes is kind of lightness illusion but it only works in peripheral visual system. Sometimes, we are in “passive peripheral visual system”, for example when we look at a moving picture but when we really concentrate look at a point in the picture then whole picture will stop moving.

This optical illusion was submitted by Anh Pham

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Motion Aftereffect Squarewave

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This illusion caused by the motion aftereffect. If one looks at a spiral for about seconds or minute and then looks at the stationary squares bellow of the spiral, these squares appear to be rotating opposite slightly. The illusory rotating movement is the motion aftereffect. This particular motion aftereffect is also known as the spiral illusion.

This illusion was submitted by Anh Pham

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Strobe Illusion

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Stare into the Strobe Illusion and begin to hallucinate!

After watching for 30 seconds your vision will distort and things around you will appear to move as if you’re underwater, tripping out… or going into flashback. The walls around you will appear to breathe, expanding and shrinking.

This is a very effective optical illusion that will distort your vision. It is not a prank or ‘scare’ application.

Strobe Illusion

This optical illusion was submitted by Paul Neave.

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Natural Hallucinogen Video

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See the video, it will surely make you feel that the things around you are also carving in and out.

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Rotating Star Optical Illusion

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Check the movement of circles whether it is clockwise or anticlockwise

Moving Optical Illusion 1

See all the circles before drawing any conclusion

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Reaction Optical Illusion

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This is the illusion which can cause harm to your eyes if you look continuously .Try looking at it for 45 sec and then see the wall you will see some radiations of this kind coming out of your wall too

This is actually not true in all cases.Just because some people see what they perceive,it has been stated here

reaction optical illusions

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