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Optical Illusion Art or Opt Art is a genre based on mathematics that presents optical illusions. To produce these types of illusions, the patterns of moiré are created with the help of the repetition of form and color. Many of the opt art images are painted in black and white color only and the viewer who tries to understand these images will only see hidden images, three-dimensional forms, movement, foreground or background confusion and other stimulation.

Somewhere Written by Metal Wires

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Belgian artist Fred Eerdekens showing his creative skills. A masterpiece created by use of metal wires alone.

somewhere illusion

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Strainer Face

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Can you see the face in shadow created by this strainer?

This optical illusion was submitted by Nancy Hill.

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Tromp L’Oeil Art By Julian Beever

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Julian Beever is the superb artist who created this unbelievable painting. He is so famous for his street paintings that people are left mesmerized after seeing his superb work.


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Horse or Frog

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What do you see in the illusion below? A horse only? or a frog only? Mostly people see horse but if you see it with concentration, you can also see a frog :)
Horse or Frog
The creator of this picture is unknown, if anyone knows it please let us know.

This optical illusion was submitted by Markin.

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Going Buggy

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Ant-like insects move in all directions in an illustration of the illusory motion variety.

going buggy-newopticalillusions


This optical illusion was submitted by Mark Grenier.

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Gradient Optical Illusion

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So what do your see? The horizontal grey bar is made of two colors? Check again by covering the background and just seeing the grey bar.

The horizontal grey bar is of the same color throughout, you see the difference because of the difference in background. Amazing??


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Grid Lines Illusion

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Do you see all these red-orange lines parallel/perpendicular to each other? If not see closely, all these lines are perfectly parallel/prependicular ( horizontal and vertical) but due to the background, they dont look so.

Grid Lines Illusion-newopticalillusions-com

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Elf in a Birds Nest

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One more masterpiece by Humberto Machado. So what do you see in this? A face or an Elf in the bird’s nest or just the two birds?

Elf in a birds nest

This optical illusion was submitted by Humberto Machado.

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Orbison Illusion

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In 1939, psychologist William Orbison described the Orbison illusion. The inner square appears to be distorted due to the radiating lines. But actually its a perfect square.

Orbison_illusion newopticalillusions-com

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Sander’s Parallelogram

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In this illusion, one of the blue lines appear to be shorter than the other one. The left side one seems bigger but actually they both are of exactly the same length.

Sander's Parallelogram

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