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Perceptual Transparency

» A collection of Perceptual Transparency

Perceptual transparency is that phenomenon in which one surface is looked behind another. In our day to day life the objects are often viewed through transparent surfaces.

Gradient Optical Illusion

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So what do your see? The horizontal grey bar is made of two colors? Check again by covering the background and just seeing the grey bar.

The horizontal grey bar is of the same color throughout, you see the difference because of the difference in background. Amazing??


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Hering Illusion – Parallel Lines

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The Hering illusion was discovered by Ewald Hering, a German physiologist in 1861. In this illusion, two red lines are parallel to each other but they don’t seem to due to the back lines. These red lines look like bulging out from the center but actually that distortion is due to overestimation of the angle made at the points of intersection.

Hering illusion

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Expanding Illusion

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Does it look like expanding as you move your eyes from one corner to the other.

Expanding Illusion-newopticalillusions

This optical illusion was submitted by Anh Pham.

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Einstein Time Travel

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Feel like moving with them? Just move your eyes from one corner to the other.

EINSTEIN TIME TRAVEL -newopticalillusions

This optical illusion was submitted by Anh Pham.

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Anh Pham Space Triangle

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Look at triangle. It is hard to follow its path. Only one string!!
Anh Pham Space Triangle

This optical illusion was submitted by anh pham.

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Painting of a Narcissus using a conic aluminum mirror to construct and deconstruct the main image.

This optical illusion was submitted by Fletcher Smith.

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Scary Eyes Optical Illusion

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Check out the eye below and see what is visible to you..If you are not able to see anything just concentrate on the center most part


You will see a skull inside that

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Spiral Illusions

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Look at the center point of this image and you will observe that this image become in motion.Though this is a static image but on focusing at the center you will see it in motion


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Shadow Illusion

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The Shadow of a girl is totally merged with the clothes lying on the ground giving it a look of an optical illusion


This image is used with permission of Josefina Marsano

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Trees Sky and Water Optical Illusions

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Beautiful optical illusion showing trees flipped and therefore giving a look like – top and roots joined at one place

trees sky and water optical illusions

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