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In 1913, Mario Ponzo who was an Italian psychologist first demonstrated the geometrical optical illusion known as Ponzo. It was suggested by him that the objects size was judged by the human mind on the basis of its background. Similar to railway tracks the two identical lines were drawn by him but it was perceived by the human mind as different sizes parallel lines.

Car Optical Illusion

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Car Optical Illusion

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Delboeuf Illusion

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Check out those both black dots, do they look equal? Many people will feel that the dot on the right side is bigger but actually they both are of same size


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Are all the four lines of same size? Many of you might think the horizontal line which makes the top of T is shorted but actually its not. These all are of exactly same length.


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Line Optical Illusion

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Is the length of the line same in both the cases? The answer is yes, but it may look that length is different and that is due to the position of the circles.

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Parallel Line Optical Illusion

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Check out the two lines drawn at the center. Are these parallel?

The answer is yes, they are parallel but due to the other lines in the background they might look as if they are not parallel.

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Poles Optical Illusion

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See these pole line and try figuring it out that whether the two horizontal lines are equal or not.Most of the people on the first try say they are not equal but when seen carefully you can see that they are actually of same length

poles optical illusions

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Paris Rome Optical Illusion

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Do you see these two poles parallel ? try seeing each of them individually..they are perfectly straight with respect to the same ground level

Still they are not parallel ..This is Illusion

paris rome optical illusions

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Back Lines Optical Illusion

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See the line between black and white blocks.Are they parallel ? It might look that they are not parallel but when you see them carefully you will observe that they are parallel.

back lines optical illusions

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Arrow Optical Illusion

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Check out the illusion below and see how many steps of ladder are there in case you see any ladder there.Most of the people just see the arrows and thereby skip the ladder steps

Arrow Optical Illusion

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Two lines, one height – New Optical Illusions Videos

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The two black vertical lines are actually the same size. this was originally a single still frame (the first frame of the video), and from that it’s hard to see that the lines are the same height (though print this out and use a ruler and you’ll see they are). i created this quicktime to illustrate just how the illusion works. all i do in the video is slowly take away the other elements in the picture.

i never alter the lines as i erase other parts of the image. both lines are exactly the same height, but the other diagonal lines around them give the illusion of one being smaller than the other because our brains perceive the horizontal lines coming together as moving away from us into the distance, thus interpreting the “rear” black line as larger.

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