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Scary House Illusion

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Warning : If you have a weak heart then please don’t see the image below but if you have decided to see then focus at the center of the house for 15-20 seconds and something might appear.


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Very Scary Girl Picture

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See her carefully.This is not an illusion but indeed a very scary picture. Kids please dont see the image below


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Devils Head Or Woman Illusion

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The illusion below looks really scary when we see it randomly. Some people see it as a head of a devil while most of the others feel that a woman is standing,what do you see?

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Cats Optical Illusion

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Calculate the number of cats you see in this illusion.
Hint : The number is more than 7

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Scary Eyes Optical Illusion

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Check out the eye below and see what is visible to you..If you are not able to see anything just concentrate on the center most part


You will see a skull inside that

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Scary Family Picture

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Count the number of dots the girl standing on the back has on her dress. Be focussed otherwise you may miss some


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Wolf Optical Illusions

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Count the number of wolves you can see in this picture..Definitely the number of wolves is more that 1


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Person Optical Illusion

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Do you find something unusual about this picture?If no then save this picture and then rotate this picture by 180 degrees and you can find out what it shows.

Person Optical Illusion

Have you checked it by rotating 180 degrees? No, then here is an answer – now it looks like a person is wearing a hat ..Do check it.

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Lion Optical Illusion

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How many lions do you see in this image? Apart from lion can you see anything ?

Hint : See the mouth and eyes of the big tiger

Lion Optical Illusion

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Three Girls Optical Illusion

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No looking, No Talking, No Listening. Yeah that’s what they are trying to say but just see are they sitting on the bench or the bench is placed on the lap . Looks like a bit confusing

Some says they are not live girls……

three girls optical illusionss

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